CL-jobs Mailing List

15. 02. 2021

You might not have heard about the mailing list On this mailinglist managed by the student representatives job offers aimed at NLP or CL graduates will occaisionally be distributed. If you want to see them we recommend signing up to the mailing list. To sign up, click this link; after our mail person accepts you you will be sent an e-mail asking you to confirm your subscription.

If you yourself have or know of job offers that would be of interest to IMS students or graduates, we encourage you to send them to

Student Representatives Elections for the 2021 summer term

15. 02. 2021

The student representatives held elections for their offices on Friday, Febuary 12th. For the new semester, the main offices will be filled as follows:

Chairperson: Urs Zaberer
Vice Chairpeople: Tilman Zorn, Marc Petzchen
Treasurerers: Tilman Zorn, Momo Takamatsu

We’d like to thank everyone who has held an office in the past semester or volunteered to hold one in the 2021 summer term.

Our Discord Server

14. 02. 2021

Would you like to meet new people? Communicate more with your fellow students more? Join our Games Nights? We invite you to join our discord server via

All the best for your exams!

11. 02. 2021

Your student representatives wish you all the best for the upcoming exams. If you’d like old exams to help you prepare, just send us a mail to; maybe we will have some!

Our new study guides

To help new students with the many questions they have about courses, modules, exams and other topics the student representatives have created a helpful document for Bachelor’s and Master’s students respectively that we can recommend to everyone. It includes a FAQ, information, tutorials and many useful links and references.

How to Bachelor

How to Master

Don’t miss our Game Crawl next Saturday!

There’ll be a game crawl organized by your student representatives on Discord next Saturday, November 14th 2020.

Read more

Questions with Stefanie Anstein

25. 11. 2020

A special event for all freshers: Stefanie Anstein will answer all open questions about your studies, the IMS and everything else. We encourage you to attend!

MSV: Tuesday, Nov. 3, 1:10h, Webex room S. Anstein

CL: Thursday, Nov 4, 1:10pm, webex room S. Anstein

Our student representatives meetings

All students of the IMS are welcome to come to our weekly student representatives meetings during the lecture period – we’re happy about every new member  🙂

Meetings take place every Friday, 1 pm