About us

Who are we? What are we doing?

Both our B.Sc. NLP and our M.Sc. CL are relatively small programs with each about 30 first term students per year each. On average, one or two of these students becomes a member of our group, representing the voice of all our students in any official discussion at the institute, improving our study conditions through student feedback. During the semester we meet once a week and discuss updates and what’s coming next.

Cuurently (WiSe 20/21) our meetings take place on Fridays, 1pm.


  • represent student interests in both the study commission and the examination board
  • work on the design of the examination regulations and the syllabus
  • co-organize the welcome meeting for freshmen
  • provide exams and thesis examples of past terms
  • serve as student contacts for questions regarding studies and equal opportunities
  • organize student conferences/meetings (TaCoS and StuTS) in Stuttgart
  • are also organizers of the summer festival and the Christmas party at our institute
  • sometimes organize events like game night or the like

The student representatives of the department of computer science (FIUS) additionally provide you even more support, such as a beginner’s Java course, locker rental and a freshmen weekend.

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